Tribestan Tea

Tribestan Tea

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Tribestan tea is mostly used for male health including virility and vitality and it’s popular for its libido enhancement and testosterone boosting properties.

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Tribulus is a common herb in Europe and Asia, with significant differences in the ratio of active herbal substances in individual geographical areas. The protodioscin is the most active supplement in the Tribulus which is believed to possess muscular-building properties. It is contained in the largest amounts in the Bulgarian, Turkish and Macedonian Tribulus.

How does Tribulus Terrestris work?

Like most herbs, Tribulus possess complex bioactive herbal substances that can benefit certain processes in the human body. Tribulus is rich in saponins, which are organic metabolic substances in plants. The saponins in the Tribulus are based on the steroid skeleton and are therefore called steroid saponins.

Proven and potential benefits of Tribulus Terrestris

  1. Many scientists argue that the primary benefit of Tribulus is its effect on the hormones. In men, it increases the luteinizing hormone in the testes forming testosterone. In women, Tribulus does not increase testosterone rather it regulates female sex hormones.
  2. The use of Tribulus in some individuals demonstrates an increase in appetite, but no scientific evidence of this effect existed so far.
  3. Traditional use of Tribulus is associated with increased sexual desire in humans, although specialised studies do not exist;
  4. The only study on the effect of Tribulus on human blood pressure found that taking 3 grammes daily reduced blood pressure within one week, and by the fourth week, it continued to be reduced by nearly 10%. Adjustments of heart rhythm and cholesterol were also noted.
  5. Potential benefits in the treatment of prostate hyperplasia, reducing the symptoms and volume of the prostate. Tribulus is used in combination with curry leaves.

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