St John’s Wort Tea

St John’s Wort Tea

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St Jonh’s Wort tea is popular with its anti-depressant and anxiety relieving properties. It can be also used to help reduce pregnancy pains, restore hormonal balance, and ease withdrawal symptoms after quitting cigarettes or alcohol.

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St John’s Wort Tea

At BeeHealthy, we rely on the knowledge preserved throughout generations of beekeeping and herbalism. We maintained our traditions and cultivated our proven practices to provide you with the finest honey and herbs in the UK. After being collected, we apply tested techniques to dry the plants allowing us to preserve their natural properties and substances.  Our herbs originate from various mountains and lowlands in Bulgaria, which is a place for over 770 different herbs due to its diverse relief, soil and climate. Coming from the Balkan mountains, our St John’s Wort Tea is of the highest grade and is the most natural remedy on the market.


What does St John’s Wort tea help with?

Consumed frequently, St John’s Wort can do miracles with very healthy ailments. In general, St. John’s wort has an anti-inflammatory, soothing, clotting, antimicrobial, slightly laxative effect. Isolated plant ingredients are used in pharmacy as supplements to various drugs.

The main ingredient of St John’s Wort is hypericin. Hypericin has a soothing effect and thanks to it, the herb fights successfully with mild depression and mental ailments. Regular consumption of the herb improves the overall condition and mood of a person and helps cope with the constant stress that many people are suffering from. It reflects well on and is particularly useful for people with a strenuous lifestyle that are often nervous and stressful.

St. John’s Wort helps with ulcer disease and gastritis, duodenal disease. All stomach upsets and illnesses respond well to St. John’s wort because it soothes the symptoms and heals wounds and soreness. The herb helps with heartburn, gas, nausea, colic, indigestion, diarrhoea.

St. John’s wort is often recommended for heart problems, especially for high blood pressure. Regular consumption of the herb improves the condition of the heart muscle. The early symptoms of colds and flu – sore throat and runny nose are also very well influenced by St. John’s Wort and its timely consumption helps to overcome these ailments.


How to prepare a delicious St John’s Wort tea?

Boil 1 tablespoon of the St. John’s Wort herb in 200-300 ml of boiling water. Wait for usually 15-20, up to 30 minutes. Strain, add honey/sugar and drink.

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