Raw Propolis


Raw Propolis


Propolis can be found helpful in treating mild burns, herpes, ear and nail infections. It can also help eliminate bacteria and is popular as a natural antibiotic.

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At BeeHealthy, we rely on the knowledge preserved throughout generations of beekeeping. We maintained our traditions and cultivated our proven practices to provide you with the finest bee wax in the UK. It originates at the foot of the Balkan Mountains, a place for diverse wildlife and plants. Our bees are nested in a natural environment away from pollutions which support them in producing raw propolis in its purest form.

What is propolis?

Propolis, widely used in medicine, is a unique natural product. A small number of bees in every beehive devote their work to the collection of this extraordinary substance – propolis – from some specific types of plants. It has a distinctive smell and sharp bitter taste. As time progresses, propolis fades, becomes more fragile, and sometimes turns black. Most notable is the fresh propolis, not yet stiff, soft and elastic. Translated from Latin, the name means “bee glue”. The substance is used as a screed that reliably protects the hive against enemies and unwanted bacteria. People have used propolis for its medicinal purposes since ancient times. Propolis infusion is used to treat wounds, skin lesions, haemorrhoids, tuberculosis, gynaecological problems, stomach and intestinal ulcer and, of course, colds and flu. The healing substance is practically insoluble in water, so the infusion of propolis has long been prepared with alcohol.

Later, the researchers found that when heated up, some of the beneficial substances of propolis can completely dissolve into the water. Propolis has exceptional healing properties. It can be used to treat various diseases in children, pregnant women and people suffering from alcohol hypersensitivity. Digesting the propolis in water and using it at home is a simple process. You just crush it, pour it into hot water for 12 hours, and it is ready for use. Alcohol-based propolis is better suited to treat colds because alcohol has some warming and detoxifying action.

Healing Properties

  1. Eliminates bacteria: Tests on the effects of propolis against harmful bacteria have been conducted, and it has been found that it can help in killing bacteria in the body. The substance is full of flavonoids, which have antimicrobial properties.

    2. Works as a natural antibiotic: Propolis is known as a powerful antibiotic that is much better than those prescribed by doctors. Resistance to antibiotics is a major problem because of their excessive use. Therefore, a natural variant is much more useful.

    3. Treat mild burns: This substance is known to be an effective natural healer of minor burns. It is believed to soothe the burnt area better than conventional ointments and medications.

    4. Inhibits Candida’s Growth: Propolis stimulates the immune system and prevents the growth of Candida albicans, which cause the yeast infection.

    5. Cures Ear infections: Millions of children and adults suffer from middle ear infections per year. A compound in the propolis, known as caffeic acid has been tested and proven to cure inflammation of the inner ear efficiently.

    6. Cures herpes: Patients suffering from vaginal herpes can benefit from bee propolis. It treats the disease and also helps to reduce the risk of developing advanced vaginal herpes.

    7. Helps with Dental Problems: Studies have shown that propolis has qualities that are beneficial to dental health. It is considered an effective alternative to fluoride.

    8. Treats nail infections: Thanks to its anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, laboratory tests have shown that propolis can be used as a natural treatment for fungal infections of the nails.

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