Propolis can be found helpful in treating dental problems and helps activate the motor function of the stomach. It also has a strong anti-inflammatory and strengthening effect on the body.

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At BeeHealthy, we rely on the knowledge preserved throughout generations of beekeeping. We maintained our traditions and cultivated our proven practices to provide you with the finest honeycomb in the UK. It originates at the foot of the Balkan Mountains, a place for diverse wildlife and plants. Our bees are nested in a natural environment away from pollutions which support them in producing honeycomb in its purest form.

What is honeycomb?

The most natural form of honey is the honeycomb where bees store their winter food supplies. This product preserves the best and most valuable qualities of honey.

Bee workers (not the mother bee) use wax to produce and stick their honeycomb walls. Bees production peaks between 12 and 18 days of age. In contact with air at relatively low temperature, the wax quickly solidifies and small pentagonal shapes are formed.

Why chew honeycomb?

Honeycomb also consists of small amounts of pollen that bees bring along with nectar. Most healing bee product is bee propolis contained in the honeycomb. Bees use the propolis with strong antimicrobial action to main the hive free of microbes and parasites. Once harvested and processed honey, bees seal individual cells with waxed lids meaning the cell is “ready”.

Healthy Properties

  • When we chewing the honeycomb, we clean our teeth and wreaths.
  • In addition, when the wax is chewed, more saliva and gastric juice are released, which activate the motor function of the stomach.
  • The honey gum containing wax, honey, pollen and propolis has a strong anti-inflammatory and strengthening effect on the body.
  • Chewing honeycomb has a beneficial effect on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.
  • Honeycomb is a delicious desert suitable after every meal

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