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How to Drink Dandelion Tea for Weight Loss

How to Drink Dandelion Tea for Weight Loss

how to drink dandelion tea for weight loss

This article will teach you how to drink dandelion tea for weight loss. You might not know this, but dandelions are garden weeds. As a homeowner, you may have encountered it on several occasions but passed it over because it was a weed. What you ought to know is that the dandelion is a useful herb with the potential of helping you lose weight. As a potent diuretic agent, it is used in weight loss supplements thanks to its ability in promoting fat burning. The herb is native to Europe, North America and Asia. It has been used as an ingredient in wines and root beer too. Today, it is considered a beneficial herb because it’s rich in Vitamin D, sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc and iron. Furthermore, it is rich in dietary fibre and protein which promotes weight loss.


Here is how to drink dandelion tea for weight loss


Step One – Purchase organic dandelion tea

how to drink dandelion tea for weight lossAlthough dandelion is a garden weed, plucking its flowers or its root from any source to brew as tea may not be a good idea. Here is why. The plant may be contaminated with dangerous chemicals. This means that during growth, the plant may have been sprayed with harmful chemicals as a way of killing other weeds. Furthermore, the growers may have used a commercial fertilizer which is full of toxic chemicals.

To prevent introducing chemicals into your body, it is wise to purchase dandelion tea from an authorised retailer who deals in organic foods only. Natural foods are grown with compost manure consisting of dead plants and leaves. This is safe, and no harmful chemicals will be introduced into your body.

Step Two – Read the instructions carefully
Every dandelion tea package comes with a set of instructions printed on the box. Before you start brewing, it is wise to take a few minutes and read the instructions. The reason you have to do this is to ensure that you are well informed. What you need to know is that dandelion tea can be combined with other dietary supplements thus improving your weight loss goals.

From the instructions available on the packaging, you can learn more about the adult dose. Following the guidelines precisely helps to prevent the occurrence of severe side effects as a result of a reaction to other medications.

Step Three – Brew dandelion tea

This is, of course, the vital step in learning how to drink dandelion tea for weight loss efficiently. Start by boiling water, pour the water into a mug, add 1 to 2 teaspoonfuls of dandelion tea leaves in hot water. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes before straining and drinking the tea. If you purchase an organic brand made from dandelion roots, you can start by adding ½ to 1 teaspoonful of the extract to boiling water in a mug. Stir the mixture and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes before straining. If you prepare your dandelion tea using any of the above instruction, consume the tea three times in a day to ensure fat burning and weight loss occurs. If your tea is ready, sit back and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to know how to drink dandelion tea for weight loss, but you also need to know is that dandelion tea is harmful to people who are allergic to iodine or plants like yarrow, daisies and marigold among others. What’s more! You should avoid taking antacids, anticoagulants, lithium pills and antidiabetic drugs with your dandelion tea. Remember to consult your doctor if you are planning to give dandelion tea to your child.

Bottom line:
Keep water weight away with dandelion tea!

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