Peppermint Tea


Peppermint Tea

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Peppermint tea helps reduce fever, improve digestion, prevent nausea, treat respiratory disorders, boost the immune system, and reduce stress and weight.

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Peppermint Tea

At BeeHealthy, we rely on the knowledge preserved throughout generations of beekeeping and herbalism. We maintained our traditions and cultivated our proven practices to provide you with the finest honey and herbs in the UK. After being collected, we apply tested techniques to dry the plants allowing us to preserve their natural properties and substances.  Our herbs originate from various mountains and lowlands in Bulgaria, which is a place for over 770 different herbs due to its various relief, soil and climate. Originating from the Balkan mountains, our peppermint tea is of the highest grade and is the most natural remedy on the market.


What’s peppermint tea?

A refreshing summer drink or an aromatic warming tea in the winter, peppermint is one of the most widely used herbs that has exceptional properties. It can successfully replace the morning coffee and be a dominant brain booster.


What are the health benefits of peppermint tea?

The high content of menthol causes expansion of the coronary vessels during angina, which is why peppermint successfully finds application in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Peppermint leaves are an antiseptic and analgesic treatment in the inflammatory processes of the upper respiratory tract.  Mint tea is especially useful in common flu, catarrh, sore throat, headache and insomnia.

Mint leaves must not be used by people with a known allergy to the herb.


How to prepare a delicious peppermint tea with honey?

To prepare a peppermint tea, you need a pinch of loose leaves, hot water and honey. Put a spoon of finely chopped peppermint leaves in 250ml boiled water until it turns dark in colour. Strain the tea, serve in a cup and mix it with honey or sugar. Hope you will enjoy it!

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    Very fast delivery and lovely peppermint will buy again.

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