Elderflower Tea


Elderflower Tea


Elderflower tea can be found helpful in treating swollen sinuses, bronchitis, diabetes and common flu. It can also help lose weight.

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At BeeHealthy, we rely on the knowledge preserved throughout generations of beekeeping and herbalism. We maintained our traditions and cultivated our proven practices to provide you with the finest honey and herbs in the UK. After being collected, we apply tested techniques to dry the plants allowing us to preserve their natural properties and substances.  Our herbs originate from various mountains and lowlands in Bulgaria, which is a place for over 770 different herbs due to its diverse relief, soil and climate. Coming from the Balkan mountains, our elderflower tea is of the highest grade and is the most natural remedy on the market.

What is elderflower?

In the distant past, people placed elderflower on their wounds to heal quickly. Elderflower can be taken for respiratory problems such as influenza and colds. Results from several studies have shown that the compounds in the elderflower can reduce the swelling of the mucous membranes and decongest the nose. In addition, the elderberry has anti-inflammatory properties.

Healing Properties

  1. Strengthens the immune system. Usually, the plant grows up to about three feet in height. According to the author of books on “Natural Remedies” Michael Murray, more Romans have used the elderflower plant. Elderflower tea is rich in flavonoids – organic compounds with antioxidant properties that protect cells from injuries and infections. The buzz is rich in vitamin A and B, significant amounts of vitamin C as well as amino acids. All these useful substances improve the immune system.


  1. Fight against colds and flu.The elderberry plant can help fight the flu and its symptoms. Elder consumption makes people sweat more. Research shows that elderflower tea can shorten the duration of the cold by about 3 times. A laboratory experiment showed the elder can destroy the H1N1 virus (swine flu) in tubes. It is not clear, however, whether the plant will have the same success in humans.
  1. Helps with weight loss.A German study shows that the elder can be a consistent support in weight loss. The study involved 80 people taking elderflower tea on a daily basis. The authors of the study found rapid fat loss ad but reduced blood pressure in the participants. This research also improved psychological conditions of the participants.
  1. Works against sinus infections.Another study shows that the use of elderflower is more effective than an antibiotic.

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