Chamomile Tea Benefits

Chamomile Tea Benefits

Chamomile tea benefits are numerous for skin ageing, headaches, insomnia etc. Chamomile is an effective healing and cosmetic remedy due to its fatty composition of beneficial substances. This common herb is one of the best-preferred home remedies. What are other chamomile tea benefits?



Chamomile leaves are one of the classic and tested through centuries remedies neutralising stress and chamomile tea benefitsheadache. You can get chamomile tea benefits in two ways: by drinking chamomile tea or by taking a warm chamomile bath. Chamomile supplements posses an analgesic effect, so daily drinking of chamomile tea will ease headache pain. The result does not come as fast as if you were taking headache pills, but with daily tea intake, the result is long lasting, yet in a completely free of side-effects and natural way.

In a headache resulting from stress, fever or fatigue, it’s  best to finish your day with an aromatic bath with chamomile leaves. Additionally, you can put 5-6 drops of lavender oil and let it soak for ten minutes.



Chamomile skincare effects are well-known. One of the safest and easiest ways to clean your face is a steam bath with chamomile.To do it you just need to find a suitable hot water pot to bend over your face and spend a few minutes covering your head with a towel. The chamomile steam bath expands the pores and allows easy removal of dead cells and black dots from the skin.

When cleaning your face there is always a risk of a local infection, so it’s always a good idea to tablespoons of dried chamomile in hot water and follow the above-described procedure before cleaning your face. The chamomile vapours simultaneously expand the pores while being antiseptic neutralising parasites and bacterias. Chamomile steams also prevent penetration of pathogenic microbes and infection.

Domestic or finished cosmetics with chamomile extracts have proven antiseptic natural effect while so-called creams and acne lotions are worse for the skin due to their lab substances.



Chamomile tea benefits include insomnia relief and better sleeping. The magic of chamomile is safer is to become a habit by taking one or two cups of the herb a day. As a result, you will enjoy a clear consciousness, positive attitude towards the problems and a willingness to act without panic and anxiety. Balanced emotions and psyche, consciousness and physics are needed to make the transition to deep sleep just after a cup of chamomile tea.


Chamomilea Tea Benefits


Blonde hair lightening

The bleaching effect of chamomile is also known for generations: it is about achieving a soft golden tint resulting from the oxidation action of the chamomile extracts. If you have naturally dark hair, don’t expect to become a blistering blonde with the help of herbal decoction. It refreshes and highlights the golden range, but only with light or white hair. Some specialists in the matter of fact recommend adding leafy infusions and hair decoctions of birch, glycerin, turmeric, honey. The idea is that the light shades should be stabilised and the hair should not be exhausted or fed.

Here’s the simplest hair bleach recipe: you only need 300ml of boiling water and 100g of dry chamomile. Pour over and leave to heat for an hour. Then the infusate is squeezed through a double gauze, and the herbal mass is compressed nicely to the liquid. Straightens once more and applies it to the hair. Roll up with a thick cloth and leave for at least an hour or dry. Rinses thoroughly. A lasting effect can be achieved by performing the procedure on a regular basis. Some specialists recommend that you prepare a weaker infusion to treat your hair every day without rinsing.


Prevention and treatment of a migraine

Parthenolide has proven to relieve tension in the blood vessels of the brain, which is a common cause of a headache and migraine, but it is not entirely clear whether blood vessels stretch irritated nerves or narrow them. According to another theory, headaches are a consequence of the release of serotonin from the platelets in the blood vessels in the brain.


Colitis and irritable bowel syndrome

In folk medicine, chamomile therapy is one of the commonly recommended and applied methods for dealing with Chamomile Tea Benefitsintestinal problems – including colitis, inflammation of the colon. Depending on the nature of the problem and the general state of health of the sick person, the regular intake of plain tea or chamomile infusion may also work. In more severe situations, when there is a chronic problem with painful spasms, work is more dangerous, but healing chamomile is again able to help with its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and calming effect. Here is an example recipe from several herbs, among which our chamomile is assigned one of the leading roles:

The anti-inflammatory effect of chamomile herb is due to the hamazulin component. His buttock is short, so any teas and infusions should be drunk right after preparation. For example, the most natural colitis is to pour a spoonful of chamomile with 200 ml of boiling water and then, after half an hour, strain and drink.


Interesting chamomile facts

Chamomile is used from ancient time. For example, in Tibetan medicine, chamomile was considered a miraculous remedy for rejuvenation. The monks drank chamomile before sleep and repeated the procedure in the morning. Modern French phytotherapy recommends a chamomile infusion in cases of coffee or cigarette addiction, accompanied by palpitations, nausea, dizziness, weakness, sweating.

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