10 Beeswax Uses You May Not Be Familiar With

10 Beeswax Uses You May Not Be Familiar With

Since ancient times and even before the age of civilization, honey and beeswax have always been used both for food and medicinal purposes. And in today’s world, it is considered one of the top sources of health. It is a wonderful creation and what is even better is its wax. Just like honey, beeswax packs a punch of benefits and even more uses of beeswax continue to be discovered by each dawn. What follows below is all the facts you need to know about it, from the first stage of its production in the bee’s abdomen, its extraction and lastly, all the beeswax uses so read on to enlighten yourself about this miracle which comes from a beehive.

How beeswax is obtained

As mentioned above, pure beeswax is always in high demand thanks to its beneficial aspects yet not most people know how it is made. If you are in that group, then you need not worry because we got your back. It has always been a mystery to many people, and we are here to put an end to that once and for all. As the name betrays it, beeswax comes from the bees themselves, but it comes from a specific genus known as Apis. It is made up of more than two hundred compounds mostly long-chain alkenes such as esters, hydroxy esters, and polyesters, among many others. It is secreted by young honey bees which are between 12 and 20 days old thanks to the presence of a unique wax-producing gland in their abdomens but as they age on, their ability to produce it reduces. This organ alters sugar from honey into a waxy substance and deposits flakes of the resulting material on the abdomen. The wax is then secreted as thin sheets known as scales which are clear and tasteless and the other bees, or the actual bee itself chews it to mix it with saliva and what results is a transparent substance which hardens and adapts a white colour. The wax is used as a foundation of the hexagonal honeycomb cells in construction. The bee colony as a whole ensures that the hive has a constant temperature to prevent the wax from being too hard or brittle and that is why you find it has a smooth consistency. As time passes, it absorbs the colour and smell of honey and thus darkens.

A brief overview of its extraction

Beeswax is not ready for harvesting when the bee farmer feels like it, instead there are factors which are usually put into consideration such as when the hive was colonized by the bees and also the environmental conditions. If an area is dry, then harvesting cannot be done because there is less nectar and thus bees will not be able to make as much honey as they would do when nectar is readily available. In right conditions, three months are enough to harvest a surplus amount of beeswax. For extraction, our experts must have protective clothes because we all know the wrath of bees whenever their environment is interfered with. Next, a solar vex melter which is used to melt down both the honey and the beeswax into a container which is placed inside the hive. Other alternatives to the solar vex melter include the hot bath method or the Ocloo’s method. For moulding, what is usually needed is a container with a rounded bottom, smooth inner surface and a wide mouth. Then a little amount of hot water is added to the vessel because it is not advisable to melt the wax in a dry container. Additionally, it should not be directly exposed to fire because it quickly melts and that is the primary reason why water is added to the vessel first. All the beeswax is then added to the container which now contains water and then removed from the fire as soon as the last lump melts. Then leave it overnight and collect the beeswax cakes in the morning. The remaining material collected at the bottom of the container is what we call beeswax and is the best kind because it contains no additives or chemical residues. It is the best definition of pure and raw beeswax.Now that you know how it is made and harvested, it is time we let you in on its benefits. Both commercially and also health wise.
The uses of Beeswax in cosmeticsCosmetics is a sector which heavily utilizes beeswax. Reason being, it is thick and thus acts as a thickening base for most cosmetic products such as creams and lip balms which we will discuss in details below. Thanks to this thickness, this type of wax creates consistency hence making such products easy to apply because they give a smooth finish with no patches or clings. In addition, beeswax is heavily used in cosmetics because unlike most artificial and plant thickening bases which are often extracted through chemical processes, the extraction of beeswax does not involve chemicals and therefore, it does not contain any toxins.

The use of Beeswax in lip balm and its benefits

Beeswax prides itself on being a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial and all these properties are what most people look for in a lip balm. The reason for this is that the lips are a delicate organ, and they are regularly exposed to the harsh environment which is filled with bacteria and factors which may cause them to dry and as a result cause pain. That is why most cosmetic companies are now striving to make lip balm which contains beeswax for its anti-inflammatory properties which heal and relieve any pain that chapped and dry lips cause. Wax is also used in lip balms because it forms a protective layer on the lips and thus protecting the users from any bacteria or any unwanted properties in the environment which may cause pain to the user and lastly its anti-oxidant features protect you from any radical molecules in the atmosphere. It also helps creates the consistency in the entire products, and thus your lip balm is neither too brittle nor too soft, and lastly, it gives the lips that perfect texture or smoothness which is the number one reason why most people use lip balm.

Beeswax use in makeup and its benefits

Besides lip balms, more than fifty percent of skin care products in the market today usually have beeswax as part of their ingredients. Most of us typically don’t take time to look at the components of our skin care products and so long as it works, that is what that matters because we will go for it over and over again. If you belong in this category of people, then it is time you ensure that your skin care products contain beeswax because it packs a bunch of impressive features which are beneficial for your skin. Below are reasons why wax is used in makeup.

• Staying power

Those who are always on make-up know how embarrassing and uncomfortable it can be to have your makeup melt or start dripping in public. Imagine all those hours you spent applying it and then it starts melting during mid-day; it is not only embarrassing but also heart-wrenching. That is where beeswax comes in handy especially if you have oily skin as it tends to cause foundations to melt even more. Thanks to its molecular structure, beeswax boasts superb natural holding properties which ensure that your oily complexion does not affect your make up. Thus by using makeup products which contain wax as part of the ingredients then you can go out with confidence because it will not drip and cause you embarrassments.

Besides holding your makeup in place naturally, it means better skin health because now, users do not have to use artificial primers which are usually used to block skin pores and thus allows your skin to breathe freely yet looking all dolled up at the same time. Lastly, the fact that you do not have to buy these skin primers help in money saving, and that is, even more, a reason why make-up companies are now going for beeswax products.

• Natural water-resistant barrier

It also acts as a natural water resistant barrier which protects makeup like mascara or lipstick from being washed out by the rains thus leaves the users looking fabulous irrelevant to the weather.

Benefits of Beeswax use in other skin care products

Not everyone uses makeup, but that does not mean that they cannot enjoy the benefits which come with having beeswax as part of their skincare routing products. Most body creams and gels also use this type of wax in their products for a number of reasons as shown below.• VitaminsBeeswax is one of the primary sources of Vitamin A in nature and thus helps with fighting free radical damages, has a healing power and hence, it helps to heal any wounds that may be on the skin effortlessly. On top of all that, the vitamin A is a natural moisturizer, and its presence in beeswax helps with exfoliation and nourishment of the skin, leaving a glowing effect on it. Also thanks to the fact that it does not clog your skin you are safe from acne and skin breakouts. It has also been proved to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. Most importantly, the vitamin A present in beeswax helps in increasing collagen production and thus reduces stretch marks which usually form due to decreased collagen.

• For its protective purposes

The number one reason why most people use skin care products which contain beeswax is thanks to its protective properties. Wax acts as a barrier to many harsh elements. For instance, when applied, it creates a protective barrier on the skin which helps hold moisture in the skin and at the same time protects it from any unwanted properties through its naturally occurring anti-oxidant elements. It achieves all that, and at the same time, it does not interfere with your skin pores. Applying a mixture of beeswax and honey three times on fungally infected areas of the skin will also help reduce any fungal infections which you may be having.

• Fragrance

Besides good dressing, we all love smelling good, and beeswax used in skin care products gives us a natural way to achieve that. Being a product of honeycombs, it prides itself on the natural honey fragrances which mean those who use, perfumes, creams and soaps which contain enjoy that pleasant yet natural scent.

The use of Beeswax on hair and its benefits

Yes, it also has hair benefits and for those who have been trying to promote their hair growth, then its time you added beeswax hair products to your hair care routine. Just like it does with the skin, beeswax helps your hair retain moisture which is usually necessary if you want to reduce hair breakage and also make your hair smooth. Hair breakage is often as a result of dryness and thanks to beeswax you can now say goodbye to such problems and say hello to longer, smoother and more beautiful hair. It is also commonly used in dreadlock products as it helps lock the hair together better than any other products on the market currently.Besides hair, makeup and skin care products, beeswax also boasts some other benefits as shown below.• It soothes cracked heels and hands• It protects babies from diaper rashes and allergies which may come about from using diapers thanks to its protective properties• It is also a good Neosporin alternative due to anti-germicidal properties thus you can use it for minor scrapes, skin cuts or wounds

Internal health benefits of beeswax useIf you did not know that beeswax has all these benefits, then you are probably for even more surprises because apart from the external benefits which it comes with, beeswax also packs a few internal beneficial features. Read on to find out what they are.

It helps keep your liver in shape

According to a study conducted by the Korean Journal of Internal medicine, there are alcohols found in honeycomb which have antioxidant effects and thus help normalize the functions of the liver even in people suffering from fatty liver disease.

Relieves cold and flu

If you or one of your loved ones are going down with a flu or cold, then you do not have to rush to hospital because you can always make your beeswax based home remedy. For instance, applying a vapor rub of honeycomb wax offers relief to flu and colds. However, if it persists then it is advisable you visit your doctor for checkup and treatment.

Reduces cholesterol

If you are looking for an excellent natural product to add to your weight loss routine or you only want to lead a healthy lifestyle, then it is time you add beeswax derived supplements. The long chain alkenes found in it such as esters and also some of the acids and alcohol help in reducing the harmful cholesterol found in our bodies and increases the essential cholesterol by close to thirty percent.

Commercial and domestic uses of beeswax

Apart from its many health benefits, wax also has industrial and domestic beeswax uses.

Beeswax and candles

Beeswax is also used to make candles, and they are way much better in comparison to ordinary candles. Reason being they do not drip, and they burn longer than the regular paraffin and soy candles. They also offer you the benefit of natural fragrance and at the same time do no emit dangerous fumes. They also have the effect of promoting relaxation and hence come in handy when you are just tired and stressed. Thus they are multipurpose and at the same time safe for your health.

Beeswax use in polish

Thanks to the protective coating which it has, beeswax is a common ingredient in shoe and furniture polish products. It is also used in surfboard wax, moulding and modelling wax, surfboard wax among many other areas which may need to use its protectant properties.

As a plastic wrap alternative

If you are an eco-friendly person and you love using methods which help you protect the environment, then beeswax is a must have for you. Through wax, you have the best alternative for plastic wrap-ups because it is not only natural but also reusable. It is combined with a few other natural elements and is made in such a way that it allows your food to breathe and thus it will not go bad quickly. Therefore you end up protecting the environment, saving on the costs of having to but new wrap-ups every time you use the old ones, get to store your food more safely and lastly you get to be unique.


From make up to plastic wrap-ups, from internal health benefits such as relieving stress through its fragrance to external aids such as keeping your skin glowing, your hands and feet softer and keeping your baby safe from diaper rashes, beeswax is an all in one gift from nature to humanity and is one of those must-have products in your house. Beeswax enables you to enjoy life while at the same time ensuring that you take care of your health and the environment as it is completely eco-friendly from the first stage of its making to the last one of its uses as there are no byproducts even from its candles. We offer you the best and most pure beeswax at an affordable price so that you can also get to enjoy its long string of benefits and to truly appreciate the miracle that is nature.

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